Captivating Sunsets

The warm glow of the setting sun never gets old. It has an irresistible charm that can make your eyes glued to the horizon as the day ends. Sunset is my favorite part of the day – that fire in the sky is a spectacle on its own.

I’m lucky to experience sunsets from different parts of the country. The best locations where this can be seen are from the west side of the Philippines.

In Manila, who could miss the sunset view from Manila Bay? Just go to Roxas boulevard or Mall of Asia grounds in Pasay to get a good view.

One unique way to spot this beauty is to go up the Mt. Tapyas view deck in Coron, Palawan. There’s a paved stairway going up – about 700 steps. Pace your climb, take breaks as you want and once you reach the top it’s all worth it. There’s also a huge white steel cross mounted here great for sightseeing and picture taking of course. 😉

Mt. Tapyas View deck

If you enjoy staying at beach resorts with a sunset view, then these are some locations to choose from. Canyon Cove in Nasugbu, Batangas, Urbiztondo beach in La Union and Bonito resort in Morong, Bataan. These places are just 2-4hrs away from Manila by land, great for roadtrips! 🙂

When you find yourself at the southeast part of Luzon, there’s still a good chance of catching a dramatic sunset view. Personally, in our province of Albay this can be viewed from the top of Kawa-Kawa Hill Nature Park in Ligao City and at the coastline of Oas. In the neighboring province of Quezon, hues of yellow and orange are visible from Cagbalete island in Mauban.

So far, the perfect sunset I’ve witnessed is from the shores of…..Boracay. Every time I visit, it has become a habit for me to seize the beautiful sunset horizon while walking on the long stretch of powdery white sand beach, watching the paraws sail and just feeling the chill island vibe around you. ❤

“It’s almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.” So go and catch this beauty wherever you are. 😉

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